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PIVOT is an absolute breakthrough in door joinery. Its phenomenon lies in the shifted axis of rotation. The pivot door is a departure from the standard side mounts, while the hinge is placed on the upper and lower edge of the leaf, which gives us completely new possibilities of creation.
We are limited only by our and customer’s imagination – now we can produce doors with dimensions of up to 2×4 meters and a weight of up to half a ton.  Dour door leaf, despite its sizeable dimensions, moves lightly and smoothly, without the need to put effort into its operation.

More about RK Pivot Doors

All our doors are made to order – according to our customer’s preferences.
Therefore, we do not have a standard price list. The door price depends on its dimensions and fixtures.

You can read more about how to price RK Pivot Doors here
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We regularly confirm impeccable tightness parameters with rigorous tests in independent laboratories. All certificates are available here.

RK Pivot Doors is a network of dealers in 20 countries around the world. Notify us, and we will find the nearest showroom in your locality:

And we will find an authorized distributor’s showroom closest to your investment project.

The RK Pivot Doors showroom is located in Bielsko-Biała, at ul. Ks. Józefa Londzina 31.
Our production halls are also located right here.
In addition, we have a developed sales network in 20 countries around the world. If you are interested in purchasing doors outside of Poland, write to us using the following email address: office@rkaluminium.pl

We attach great importance to door tightness so that doors produced by RK Pivot Doors provide the best thermal insulation and are resistant to even the most harsh climatic conditions.
We regularly confirm impeccable tightness parameters with rigorous tests in independent laboratories. All certificates are available here.
Thanks to this, the interior of a given house, even during strong gusts of wind and severe frost, is not exposed to heat loss in this way.

RK Pivot Doors has a network of authorized installers in 20 countries around the world.
We also have our own in-house assembly team at your disposal.

Yes, a child can handle pivot door. We produce doors with a size of up to 2×4 meters and a weight of up to 500 kg, but thanks to innovative technology and a perfectly fine-tuned system, they are incredibly easy to use. They function lightly and smoothly both when opening and closing.

Are you interested in RK Pivot Doors? Contact us: office@rkaluminium.pl, phone: +48 33 497 00 78
Our team of fitters will come over and take a professional measurement at the investment site or we will redirect you to the nearest authorized partner showroom, which will take care of your inquiry.

RK Pivot Doors are manufactured in Poland, in the city of Bielsko-Biała. This is where our production halls and the company’s headquarters are located. This means we are well capable of maintaining the highest level of quality control at all times. Uncompromisingly.

No, you don’t need to know your fixtures. It is enough for us to know your expectations of entrance door functionality. Our team of specialists will be happy to offer you top fixtures to meet your needs and create the perfect door for you.