Welcome to RK Pivot Doors

RK Pivot Doors is a luxury brand of RK Exclusive Doors – a manufacturer of exclusive entrance doors with 12 years of experience on the market. Our company is composed of people full of passion and love for extraordinary materials, architecture and modern design, as well as top engineers making sure that RK Pivot Doors , apart from their unique appearance, bring smiles through their perfect functionality, innovative technology and security.

Each project design, from the very first sketch up to assembly stage, is developed in our manufacture, under the watchful eye of specialists. We attach the utmost importance to perfect finishing, focus on detail and aesthetics of a given project. Uncompromisingly. For us, RK Pivot Doors are not just doors, but works of art – the most important elements of the art of interior design.

Every day brings us new great models, new challenges and innovative solutions that are born out of passion and love for our product. We are proud of that we can produce in our manufactory the most beautiful external pivot doors – custom-made doors that are the fulfilment of your dreams.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with complete offer of  RK Exclusive Doors.