What colour of the front door should I choose?

What colour of the front door should I choose - Pivot doors - interior doors

What colour of the front door should I choose?

Changing your front doors is a great way to refresh your home's image and make it more attractive.

This one detail can make an amazing metamorphosis of a building. But how to choose the colour of the entry door?The entrance door is like a first impression - you only get one chance to enchant. The door model is the basis, but the colours go hand in hand with it. It plays an equally important role. When choosing a colour, it is important to choose a shade that will match the existing style of your home. One that will please you and give you satisfaction for many years.

Which door colour will be the best?

The answer is simple: the one that pleases you and makes you smile at the very entrance.

What to consider

This is a very subjective decision that should be based on two elements:
  • It's worth focusing on the context of the rest of your home. See what colours prevail outside the building and match them with the door shade. As a rule, it should blend in nicely with the whole lot. However, this is an unwritten rule - you create your own world.
  • Choose the one YOU like. The colour of the door should match the exterior of the house. However, that does not preclude it from being in contrast with the surroundings and making the entrance a completely separate element of the house.
Choosing the right one may not be easy. The more so because the RAL palette itself has as many as 215 different colours. Therefore, it is worth answering a few questions right from the outset:
  • Do you dream of a bold and expressive door? Or would you prefer one that subtly emphasises other elements of the exterior of the house?
  • Should the door stand out or blend in with the rest of the surroundings?
  • Do you want the colour of your entrance door to match the interior design of your home and be an announcement of what awaits inside? Or would you feel more comfortable in a completely different colour scheme?
  • Do you want the entire woodwork to be in one colour, or else do you want to match it to individual walls/façade elements?
There are no wrong answers to these questions - it's a matter of taste. But they are important to consider. We want to choose a colour that will be satisfying and enjoyable for many years to come.

Trends in woodwork

The issue of trends in door joinery mainly concerns colours. Until now, timeless white, wood-like Winchester, golden oak and anthracite were the prime ones. The latter unanimously dominated the list. Modern architecture loves biophilic design and follows it intensively. The need for closeness to nature makes the wood-like colour, bursting with nature, peace and relief, more and more popular - Turner Oak Melt. In addition to profound black and anthracite that does not come off the podium, this colour is becoming the trend of the year. Looking at its growing popularity, it can stay up in the rankings for longer.

The colour of the entrance door and the colour of the windows

Until recently, the rule was that the woodwork should be kept in a single colour. Anthracite windows meant anthracite doors and a garage door. All this to make the end result consistent and aesthetic. Currently, the choice is not that obvious. Increasingly, designers allow themselves to break this monotony with the varied colours of the woodwork. Much more often these days, the windows are kept in one colour. The entrance door harmonises with the finish of the entrance itself or the front walls. Therefore, there is no rule that clearly defines the right trend.

Door configurator

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