Ekey dLine – fingerprint reader in the door

ekey dline fingerprint reader - RK Pivot Door

Fingerprint reader in the door

Everyone of us has misplaced the key to our home at least once in our life. No matter, if it fell out of your pocket or got lost in the abyss of a handbag. It causes stress, unnecessary problems and even costs. Today's technology allows us to get rid of such problems and improve the quality of life of our home dwellers. Right now, we are entering a completely new stage. The traditional key becomes just an accessory and not a first-need good. It is replaced by your own finger. Just like you access your smartphone, you can also enter your home - using the fingerprint reader.

In RK Pivot Doors, we use fingerprint readers developed by the renowned EKEY access control system. It combines everything we need to perfectly adapt a door to a modern user: ease of use, maximum safety and design.

How does it work?

If you can unlock your smartphone, you can also easily handle the door. Installation of EKEY includes the installation of a small fingerprint reader in the door leaf or the door pull. The undoubted advantage of the scanner is its aesthetics. It looks minimalist and fits perfectly into modern design. You can open the door by putting your finger on it. The lock is deactivated when the validity of the fingerprint of the authorized user is verified. The memory of the device allows you to configure up to 99 fingerprints. You do not have to worry about a problem with entering, for example, when your finger is hurt. At the same time, you can easily remove those that are no longer needed from the database.

ekey dLine

dLine is the latest work of the EKEY company. Its biggest advantage is the possibility of integrating the reader with the smart home system. It also works great with Amazon Alexa. It has many more functions than the EKEY Arte and Integra readers we have used so far. The reader is operated only through a proprietary application for a tablet or smartphone. The keyless access system brings a whole range of advantages to the user's life, improving the comfort of life, including:
  • convenience: to enter your home, you just need to have ... your finger with you,
  • security: EKEY dLine gives you 1000 times more security than a 4-digit pin number. You do not have to be afraid of unauthorized access or burglary attempts by forging fingerprints,
  • control: you can open the lock from anywhere using the application on your smartphone. This is an extremely useful feature when you want to let someone in to your home, when you are not around. At the same time, you get push notifications every time your door is opened,
  • assistance: thanks to the connection with the Amazon Alexa assistant, you can open the door with your voice when your hands are full, both when you are inside and outside the building,
  • design: the fingerprint reader looks very elegant and at the same time incredibly modern, regardless of whether it is inserted in the door leaf or in the door pull.
Tip: you should also equip your door with a mechanical lock, which is a fine solution in the event of a power cut, and find a safe place where you will store an emergency key for such emergency cases. We are constantly looking for ultra-modern solutions that will make your RK Pivot external doors make you happy and improve the comfort of your family's life, so that you can come back home and enjoy the fact that you are here, right at the entrance.RK - Make your door intelligentStay with us on Instagram!