Glass front doors

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Glass front doors

Safe entrance has always been associated with heavy, massive gates and doors.

Their main task is, after all, to protect the homestead and its inhabitants, from uninvited visitors, as well as against cold, wind and rain. Currently, beyond its natural duties, the entrance door is a showcase of the house and has an invaluable decorative function. They develop a climate of entry and make the first- most important impression.Pivot glass doorCurrently, Glass front doors top the best architectural designs. They let the sun into the house, visually enlarge the interior, as well as its outer part. Often used in architectural projects, interlocking with wildlife, in the heart of the forest, mountains or beach. They allow the people living in the house to be part of nature. They fit perfectly into biophilic design. We return to nature, from which we have fenced ourselves with a thick layer of concrete for a very long time. It's not just a trend, it's a lifestyle. Nature calms, reduces stress, sensitizes, stimulates creativity. Nothing so much is needed these days as rest. That's why large glass doors fit so great into the new lifestyle. They can be composed with giant, glass structures that form entire walls of buildings.

Is the glass door safe?

The basic question that begs is: is glass doors safe? Even though they look seemingly delicate and fragile, they exude the incredible force that just glass gives them. Glass is an excellent material for the production of sturdy and secure entrance doors. Modern technology gives us great opportunities. First of all, in large structures, we use a package that consists of three panes, of which, as standard, two panes - external and internal, are reinforced (hardened or glued). The specially developed and prepared design of the RK Pivot Doors makes them as difficult to push as doors made of aluminum or other materials. As for thermal insulation properties, glazed doors have excellent parameters. Triple glazing, and often an additional external glass glued to the leaf frame, creates a powerful barrier. It protects the interior of our house and residents from external factors.

What glazing to choose?

Our offer includes a whole range of glass. For projects with large front doors, transparent glass is most often chosen, which is characterised by exceptional transparency. It fits perfectly with the loft style and ultra-modern designs. This is the main purpose of which is to lighten the space and “tear down the wall” between the interior of the house and nature on the other side. However, there are many options for glazing front doors. Everything depends solely on the vision of the Architect or the Client. The most popular of them are:

Reflective glass - Stopsol

Glass, with mirrored reflective coating, which restricts the supply of sunlight to the room (reflecting them). It can come in several shades. As part of our standard offer, we recommend graphite and brown colour. Despite staining, the glass retains a delicate permeability.

Antisol glass

It's a mass-coloured glass that reduces insolation, however, it does not have a mirror coating. It looks beautiful, combined with decorative elements, such as concrete, rust, ceramics or hpl plate. We offer glass in graphite, black (under the name Parsol) and brown colours. Due to its properties, it is an excellent filling of the luminous. Also, it retains transparency.

Venetian mirror

This is a mirror that passes through some of the light, while the remaining light is reflected, hence the definition - semi-permeable mirror. It works in such a way that a person staying in a brighter room or outside a building, during the day, sees her or his own reflection, while a person staying in a room which is darker (such as the interior of a house), sees what is on the other side of the door. This phenomenon is easily noticed by the example of sunglasses. In conclusion, glass doors give us huge arrangement capabilities, while maintaining excellent technical and utility parameters. It makes them a very interesting option to consider, when renovating or building a house. See our projects here See the RK Pivot Doors projects with glass panels.Be with us on Instagram and watch our latest projects.Recommendations and cleaning instructions are provided for information purposes. Always perform a pre-test on a part of the hidden surface to ensure how the products interact with the material.