Pivot Doors, coated with liquid metal

Liquid metal - pivot doors

Higher level of luxury - Pivot Doors, coated with liquid metal

Among our unique finishes from around the world, you can also find liquid metal.

Initially intended only for gigantic investments. Today it is becoming one of the favourite methods of finishing entrance doors in private homes.Liquid metal, due to its plasticity and endless sculpting possibilities, has become a recognised material among artists. It gives the possibility of creating designs that go far beyond standard embossing techniques. Front doors coated with liquid metal fit perfectly into a variety of architectural styles. From industrial - cold, dressed in patina and rust accents, to luxurious pivot door designs - full of gold and extravagance.

How is it formed?

Liquid metal is a natural and completely ecological material. The amazing end result is created by combining powdered metal (filings) with various resins. As we are talking about cold application method, moulding can be done by hand or with a spray gun. In this way, a team of skilled craftsmen creates spectacular patterns. The formed mass solidifies very quickly, creating a kind of relief. The technique of formation depends on what final structure we want to achieve. Well, liquid metal can create a smooth, polished surface, as well as three-dimensional, multi-layer structures. The door, coated with liquid metal, looks like a masterpiece, carved by an artist.

Exclusivity, elegance and durability

Liquid metal is a material that performs well in outdoor conditions due to its resistance and durability. It does not react to UV rays, frost, high temperatures and chemicals. Also it's a completely waterproof product. It is characterised by great adhesion to aluminum, therefore it is ideal for use as a finishing material for entrance doors. It is available in as many as 6 colours: bronze, copper, brass, chrome, aluminum and zinc, and a countless varieties of structures. We can get a luxurious, golden shade as well as beautiful, natural patinas.


The doors coated with liquid metal are extremely functional, therefore keeping them clean is easy and hassle-free. For everyday cleaning of standard dirt, a neutral washing detergent (e.g. dishwashing liquid) and a soft sponge will be the most appropriate. When there is a need to clean more pronounced dirt, remove the contamination (such as dust, mud, sand) from the surface. Perform a pre-wash as indicated above and use basic alcohol-based household detergents, if necessary. After washing, rinse the surface and wipe it with a dry cloth. See the projects of RK Pivot Doors doors, coated with liquid metal. Be with us on Instagram and watch our latest projects. The cleaning recommendations and instructions are provided for guidance. Always perform a pre-test on a part of the hidden surface to ensure how the products interact with the material.