What are RK Pivot Doors front doors?

What are RK Pivot Doors front doors - Pivot doors - interior doors

What are RK Pivot Doors front doors?

Pivot doors - what exactly are they?

Front doors for the most demanding customers.

Recently, front pivot doors have been conquering European and world markets. Architects love them because they embody the latest trend in architecture, which is huge glazing and gigantic building openings.

What are pivot doors?

The word itself means just "rotation". Revolving doors are a departure from standard side fasteners. Their axis of rotation has been shifted and the hinge placed on the upper and lower frames. Therefore, we obtain a pendulum-rotary opening system. Thanks to this, we can produce huge doors with dimensions up to 2x4m. However, their greatest advantage is the possibility of making a wing weighing up to 500 kg. Thanks to this, only our imagination limits us in designing.


We use the most beautiful cladding from around the world and we implement even the most demanding visions of architects. Our offer includes imitations of concrete, a whole range of ceramics and quartz sinters, corroded sheets, stunning liquid metals and painted tempered glass. Due to the fact that the axis of rotation is shifted to the upper and lower frames, the passage clearance is thereby reduced. This should be taken into account when determining the dimensions of the front door opening. Pivot doors should have a wing width of min. 1400 mm, because only then are we able to get the right size of the entrance itself.


For the production of front doors, we use the best technology from around the world. We only use components from reputable manufacturers. Our aluminum doors are made using the 75 EVO profile, which allows for a permeability coefficient of 0.72 W / m2. We regularly test and inspect our doors. They have a complete set of tests carried out by the Laboratorium Techniki Budowlanej (Building Research Laboratory) in accordance with the PN-EN 14351-1 + A2 standard, confirming their very good performance in the assessment of:
  • wind load resistance,
  • air permeability,
  • waterproofness.


The RK doors, despite their weight, work smoothly, delicately and lightly. You do not need to use force to open or close them, so without a doubt, even a child can handle them.  They are perfect for single-family housing as well as for commercial purposes. Be sure to see our projects and the latest constructions straight from the production hall.