Wood-coloured doors

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Architecture loves natural wood for the fact that each project that is enriched with it, gains style, beauty and elegance.

However, it is demanding. It demands exceptional care. Can you have wood without wood on your dream aluminium entrance door? Check out the best methods for obtaining a wood-coloured doors.

Wood-like coating on the door

Wood has been appreciated and respected for generations, loved by architects. A symbol of longevity, strength, resilience, and at the same time a synonym of wisdom, peace, relief and good energy. It always has good associations, it always adapts perfectly to its surroundings. Our clients sometimes face the dilemma of whether to choose aluminium or wooden doors. Needless to say. Aluminium doors are highly durable and resistant. Unlike wooden ones, they do not deform, they retain all their parameters and visual qualities for a very long time. So why not combine the timelessness of wood with the modernity of aluminium and create the perfect wood-coloured aluminum door?

Natural wood look that does not require maintenance?

Today's technology allows us to use several techniques that offer us a wood-like coating on aluminum doors.

The first one is foiling

Wood-like foil imitates wood. It is usually chosen in designs where windows/garage door or some other building elements have already been covered with it. Then we obtain a uniform colour of the woodwork. Wood-like veneer is a very strong and durable product printed with a 3D wood structure. Most of the colours have a wood structure that is palpable to the touch. The foil shows a very high resistance to the negative effects of weather conditions and detergents. In addition, it is very easy to clean, which makes it perfect as a finish for aluminium joinery.However, it has some limitations - in the case of a leaf covered with a wood-like foil, we cannot perform fashionable, modern milling on its surface. The dimension is also an obstacle. Each foil has a specific one that defines its usefulness in a given design. However, we have a whole range of alternative solutions, which we present in a situation where there are limitations - to ensure full satisfaction of our customer.

Powder coating in a wood-like colour

Thanks to the unique system of paint coatings, we can conjure up a three-dimensional imitation of wood. This method allows us to obtain a range of the best colours, imitating any wood found in nature. Thus, we offer a wood effect, with perfectly placed grain and naturally distributed knots, in a comfortable, aesthetic version that does not require additional maintenance. It looks great. The surface is smooth with a slight rough effect. It is a very resistant technique. This is by far the most frequently chosen by customers form of wood imaging on aluminium doors.

HPL plate - high pressure laminate

Means a laminate obtained under high pressure. It is an exclusive material, consisting of several layers, creating a coherent, durable and very resistant structure. Thanks to natural wooden veneers, HPL plates become an ideal solution for use on facades and entrance doors. They feel like a wooden surface, they are naturally matte and rough. They make an amazing effect. In addition, our HPL plates are PEFC certified, which confirms the acquisition of environmentally friendly raw materials.

Wood-like ceramics

It is the heaviest and by far the most durable material of all of the above. It looks spectacular, especially when used in modern construction.

Which cladding will be the best for you?

If you are still hesitating about which technique will be the most appropriate for you, try this path:
  • Browse our catalogues: Collection 4.0 and RK Pivot Doors and get inspired. Find the model that you like the most.
  • Browse through the colours of the wood-like cladding (pp. 98/99, 101- Collection 4.0 ) in our standard offer or else suggest a different one.
  • Think about what colour will suit your home best.
  • Contact our Customer Service Office, which will be happy to assist you in your decision: office@rkaluminium.pl or else dial 33 497 00 78.
  • If you wish, we will send you a sample of the selected colour from our offer.

Cleaning doors in a wood-coloured doors

In the case of front doors, it is very important that they are functional and that their cleaning is easy and quick. Each of the above-mentioned cladding combines these advantages. Keeping wood-like coatings clean is easy and hassle-free. For everyday cleaning of regular dirt, a neutral washing detergent (e.g. a dish washing liquid) and a soft sponge will be the most suitable form. When there is a need to clean more pronounced dirt, remove the contamination (such as dust, mud, sand) from the surface, perform a pre-wash as indicated above, and use standard alcohol-based household detergents, if necessary. After washing is complete, rinse the surface and wipe it with a dry cloth.See the RK Pivot Doors projects in a wood-like colour.Be with us on Instagram and watch our latest projects.See 5 ideas for wood-like aluminium doors.Recommendations and cleaning instructions are provided for information purposes. Always perform a pre-test on a part of the hidden surface to ensure how the products interact with the material.