Pivot Door, covered with sintered stone – how to care for?

Pivot Door, covered with sintered stone – how to care for - pivot doors

Pivot door, coated with sintered stone

Quartz sinters have become one of the most fashionable pivot door coating. They are by far the most resistant and durable material in our offer. They are resistant to scratches, UV radiation, graffiti, frost, thermal and chemical factors. This makes them an ideal finishing material for front doors.

The phenomenon of sintered stone

They stand out thanks to amazing range of colour and texture possibilities. Beautiful large-format plates can be finished in polished, matte, subtle satin and even a natural structure. The production technology, the best quality raw materials and the firing temperature give the sintered surfaces a beautiful appearance and the best properties. Quartz sintered plates are a heavy material. Thanks to the shifted axis of rotation of the leaf (Pivot system), we can use them without any restrictions as coating for RK Pivot Doors front doors. We use technology which allows the door leaf weigh up to 500 kg.

How to maintain a RK Pivot Door coated with a ceramics?

Sintered quartz are very easy to clean and stain resistant material. For daily care and to remove standard dirt, use warm water, a soft sponge and a mild, neutral detergent. You can use neutral liquid for cleaning household surfaces, washing-up liquid. Long-term use of common, non-neutral detergents for surface cleaning may cause a matte coating on the surface of the plate. Sinters can also be cleaned with preparations intended for the care of kitchen worktops. If, however, there is a need to remove more stubborn dirt, vacuum the surface of dust, mud or sand. Then pre-wash as described above and use gradually more vigorous cleaning methods, if necessary. You can use household alcohol or basic detergents for this purpose. Then rinse the surface with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.

How to clean the door after assembly?

During the assembly of the RK Pivot Doors, special care should be taken in order to provide the best protection against damage or scratching. However, if dirt appears on the door surface after or during installation, remove it as soon as possible. Removal of stains will be easier when they are cleaned, shortly after staining. Remove all epoxy glue residue from the surface of the plate before it dries. This can be done with a lightly abrasive sponge and plenty of clean water. Then, clean the surface thoroughly with alkaline detergents (except for polished surfaces). Take care to follow the instructions on the label of the product you use. It is important to use clean tools and water. Then perform cleaning with detergents recommended by the mortar manufacturers, paying attention to removing all streaks.After cleaning, it is recommended to wipe the surface with absorbent paper towels before the water evaporates to remove any streaks. See the projects of RK Pivot Doors, with quartz sinter. The cleaning recommendations and instructions are provided for guidance. Always perform a pre-test on the hidden plate part to ascertain the effect of the products on the plates. Streaks or stains on plates are usually the result of improper or not very thorough cleaning.  Tags: aluminum doors,pivot doors, stone doors,front doors, pivot,pivot door, pivot doors, rk exclusive doors, rk pivot, rk pivot doors, quartz sinter,quartz sinter